About PolyU Outstanding Work by Students

The PolyU OWS exhibition and portal is the Library's ongoing commitment to showcase and build pride in outstanding work by students. The outstanding work and student stories featured fulfil the PolyU motto "To learn and to apply, for the benefit of mankind. A wide range of exceptional student work in different disciplines, which have attained individual and group achievements, internal or external awards, or work that contribute towards the betterment of society, are nominated by PolyU faculties and schools thus showcased in this ever-growing exhibition.


The OWS Selection Committee

An OWS Selection Committee was set up by the Library, to perform the following functions:

  1. To select outstanding work by students from faculties/schools to be showcased at the Library,
  2. To disseminate PolyU OWS related news and updates at the faculty/school level.


Members of the OWS Selection Committee (Updated OCT 2023)

  • Chairperson: Dr. Shirley Wong [LIB]
  • Dean of Students [or his designate]
  • FAST: Dr. Susan Ho [ABCT]
  • FB: Dr. Anthony Pang [LMS]
  • FCE: Prof. Michael Yam [BRE]
  • FENG: Dr. Henry Chan [COMP]
  • FH: Dr. Elaine Kwong [CBS]
  • FHSS: Dr. Shirley Ngai [RS]
  • SD: Dr. Francis Hung [SD]
  • SFT: Dr. Hau Ling Chan [SFT]
  • SHTM: Dr. Sunggyun Mun [SHTM]
  • Student Library Liaison Group Representative
  • LIB: Ms. Janice Chia [LIB]
  • Secretary: Ms. Carol Ma [LIB]

Student Works (Archives): Collects PolyU students’ projects and research works submitted by the departments from 2012-18.