Students' Voices

Digital programming was a new technique that I have mastered during the whole design process. I think programming is one of the essential knowledge and skills to product designer in the future.

— Jack Wong

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I now have a better understanding of the needs and aesthetics of the judges and customers of shoe design and doing better in each design competition!

— Jenny Cheung

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After all the difficulties, stay optimistic about taking on new challenges.

— Lois Chiu

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I always believe, education is the most powerful tool you can use to change the world.

— Jenny Tung

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I want to practice what I have learned from the class and do something meaningful.

— Cherry Chung

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To optimize robot’s performance and to minimize the potential risk, we never stopped our research, analysis, experiments, and practice on the robot, again and again.

— Ji-ho SHIN

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I think design shapes our everyday life, as well as the culture surrounding us.

— Cindy Chan Ho Yee

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