Advancing Occupational Safety of Workers


I have developed a comprehensive heat stress assessment framework and tools for construction workers in Hong Kong. The idea came from my internship at a local construction contractor. From my experience, constructors workers who suffer from high temperatures and strong sunlight weren't able to express the severity of heat stress clearly. Hence, a user-friendly and translational assessment tool was designed to represent the risk of heatstroke in one single number.


LSGI students

Mr. LI Shing Fung Ronald

Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering

BSc (Hons) Environmental and Occupational Safety & Health

Professional Competence
"Internship is a only practice step, it also provides a period to get in touch with the proficient people in a real workplace. It is a great opportunity to broaden your horizon to the industry."

Global Outlook
"Nowadays, safety & health is emphasized in many ways. In the new trend, the way to achieve occupational safety & health becomes more systemic, advanced, and innovative. I want to be one of the change agents to attain a safer environment."

Innovative Problem-solver
"Usually, the workers do not follow the safety measures and rules, they are not really revolted to comply with. The reason may be the workers do not really understand the significance and theory behind these regulations. This method can break the communication obstacles between safety professionals and general workers by direct numbers and simple tables."

Award Received:

  • First Place Award in the Student Research Project Competition
  • OSH Best Project Scholarship

Domain Expertise:

  • Heat Stress Assessment Framework
  • Occupational Safety