An Audible Landscape


I chose the programme ‘English Studies for the Professions’ at the Hong Kong Polytechnic University because language itself to me is very intriguing because without it, we can not really communicate and share our knowledge; and as it is so essential to our lives. The first time I heard about the linguistic landscape was when I started my research. Linguistic landscape refers to all signs and symbols you can see in a public area. Signs and symbols can be languages, images, logos, graphs and colours. It concerns not only linguistics but also sociology, media studies and some other fields.I believe that my knowledge of it would be useful to my future career or studies.


LSGI students

Ms LAI Mei Lam Kate

BA (Hons) English Studies for the Professions

Faculty of Humanities

Professional Competences
" Language itself to me is very intriguing because without it, we can’t really communicate and share our knowledge as it’s so essential to our lives. "

" Research framework is a structure that supports and guides a research study. it’s as important to have it in linguistic research as in research in other fields. "

" It’s necessary to learn to construct a valid research framework because otherwise your research won’t be well-grounded and reliable. "

" When we deal with certain data for linguistic research, we must be able to interpret them critically, identify patterns in them, and draw conclusions from the analysis; that’s why analytical skills are also crucial. "

Lifelong Learner
" It could be quite challenging when I learned a new concept or theory and had to apply it to an assignment; because putting something in practice can be different from understanding it. "

" Don’t be afraid to ask questions and voice out your ideas in class. It can be intimidating as you may think the questions or ideas are ‘stupid’ but honestly everyone is there to learn and no one should be judged." "

" Try to join some activities that give you international exposure. It was truly amazing how much I learned from those kinds of overseas experiences by interacting with local people. "

Domain Expertise:

  • Linguistic Landscape
  • Linguistic

Outstanding Attributes:

  • Professional Competences
  • Lifelong Learner
  • Effective Communication