Chained to The Rhythm


My design collection “Chained To The Rhythm” demonstrated the correlation between movements and emotions. It was an idea about oneself constrained within a ‘space’. The ‘space’ was about how our narrowed minds and let emotions control us. If we looked clearly, the pattern of emotions was repeated. To imitate the feeling of having intense sensation, the tensile structure was consulted. The elementary element of this construction of the tensile structure was solely carried by tension. It was a membrane that stretched out at the tip or edge, the strength of tension created volume and support. It was a magical moment in my life to see my designed collection worn by the model and walk in the fashion show.


SFT students

Ms. Lam Hiu Ying
BA (Hons) Scheme in Fashion and Textiles
School of Fashion and Textiles


  • HKFDA Scholarship of Creativity 2022, PolyU Fashion Show 2022
  • 2nd Runner up award, PolyU Fashion Show 2022

Domain Expertise:

  • Fashion Design
  • Emotions
  • Laban Movement Analysis

Outstanding Attributes:

  • Professional Competences
  • Innovative Problem-solver