Chek Lap Sans


Chek Lap Sans, a part of my final year project, is a Chinese typeface designed specifically for signage of the Hong Kong International Airport in Chek Lap Kok, aiming for both functionality and personality. The typeface is designed with considerations of legibility under negative polarity display, to suit the need of the current blue light-box signs with white text. It has generous negative spaces within character, optical adjustments to compensate for the glowing effect, and subtle features that contribute to its visual identity. It also includes relevant icons with references to the local context.


LSGI students

Ms. KWONG Tsz Yan Angel

BA (Hons) Communication Design

School of Design

Professional Competences
" Project planning and time management were important examples, as we designers usually have a lot we would like to achieve and explore within the limited time we have. "

" The project nature also made it a more challenging but special experience. I took the opportunity to train my skills in type design, research on legibility, read and understand more type design theories and learn from expertise in the field. "

Lifelong Learner
" We had chances to work on a variety of projects, I kept learning new skills along the way. "

" Wherever there are people, good design can always make an impact. "

" Don’t miss any opportunity to enrich your university life and don’t be afraid to jump out of your comfort zone. "

Thank you
" I was surrounded by talented, inspiring and influential people during my university life, and they played a big part in it. "

" My interest in typography and type design was sparked by my tutor Keith Tam. He is an experienced typographer and educator in the field. "

" Brian Kwok was my tutor who gave me plenty of support during the difficult process of my final-year project, for instance he gave me suggestions when I was lost. "

Award Received:

First Place Student Prize in The World’s Best Typography, an international competition organised by Type Directors Club (TDC)

Domain Expertise:

  • Typography
  • Typeface design
  • Signage Design

Outstanding Attributes:

  • Professional Competences
  • Lifelong Learner
  • Global Outlook