Enlightening Minds of Young Physicists


I have developed an interactive, clear and educational website for English-speaking secondary school students to understand more about Physics. The motivation behind is that students are easily discouraged by physics due to the intangible nature of the subject, and the inadequacies of traditional textbooks. So that is why I used an everyday object, batteries, as a bridge for people to gain interest and learn more about physics.


LSGI students

Mr. LIN Yuhsiang Sam

Department of Physics

BSc (Hons) Engineering Physics

Effective Communicator
" Understanding that the goal of this website is not only to be informative and educational, but it also has to be interesting and eye-catching to the audience."

Global Outlook
"Dr Dennis Leung and Dr Michael Jim also supported me understanding that FYP is not just about doing research, but also an opportunity to serve the community and use what we learn to contribute to STEM education."

Lifelong Learner
"Always think outside of the box and don’t be afraid to try out different things that you would like to try. University is a place that allows us to explore who we are and allows us to make mistakes so that we can get up again."

Domain Expertise:

  • STEM Education
  • Physics
  • Open Educational Resources