Eradicating Poverty & Vulnerability


Poverty eradication has been one of the most studied, yet under-achieved goals of the modern era. During this pandemic, the world witnessed that the most vulnerable ones do not have access to health care, in short of necessary items to prevent themselves from virus, and are living in unhygienic and populous conditions. I learned through this project that there is much awareness that needs to be raised in communities..


LSGI students

Ms. KIM Minju

Department of English

BA (Hons) English Studies for the Professions

Ethical Leader
" When COVID19 broke out, our team decided that homeless organizations would need extra materials to keep the place clean with so many people sheltered in tight space.."

Effective Communicator
"I learned that key skills to talk to people are “questions”. There were countless times I disagreed with my teammates but I knew instinctively that disrespect is not a solution. Instead, I tried to shift my perspective from disagreement to investigation."

Lifelong Learner
"Don’t be afraid to take opportunities the school offers you! There are a lot more school’s offering than you think. You might have your own reasons for not taking these chances.These experiences will never return once you pass them on during university."

Award Received:

  • PolyU and Lee Hysan Scholarship’s Global Leadership and Civic Engagement programme

Domain Expertise:

  • Poverty Eradication
  • Service-Learning
  • Global Leadership
  • Civic Engagement