Initial Trust in AI Agent


Similar to interpersonal interaction, trustworthiness towards a social robot is crucial in human-robot interaction since the social robot, in daily lives, usually acts as a “listener and responder”, providing not only practical assistance but also emotional support for humans, However, communicating trustworthiness for a social robot is still a challenging problem, and few studies have tried to address this issue in a comprehensive way. This thesis tries to fulfill this research gap by deliberately exploring the concept, structurally identifying significant features, and providing practical guidelines. This research is one of the cutting-edge scientific breakthroughs in AI-Human Communication, which not only sheds light on AI design but also explores the way people interact with AI.


GS students

Dr. YAO Song
Graduate School
School of Design


  • Merit Award, PolyU PhD Thesis Award 2022


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Domain Expertise:

  • AI-Human Communication
  • Communicating Trustworthiness
  • Social Robot

Outstanding Attributes:

  • Professional Competences
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Innovative Problem-solver