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The PwC’s STEM Challenge is an innovative case competition organized by PricewaterhouseCoopers. I teamed up with a student from The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology to win the championship in the Customer Experience Category. My budget approval system can make the approval initializing by the AI screening before the human judgment, and update all the information in the firm intranet. Colleagues can know the progress clearly. Through joining this Challenge, I am now confident to tackle any artificial intelligence obstacles.


FB student

Mr. POON Tsz Chung
BBA (Hons) BBA accountancy
Faculty of Business



  • Championship in PwC STEM Challenge (Customer Experience)
Domain Expertise:
  • Marco Poon Tsz Chung is studying BBA Accountancy and mentioned that accounting is the fundamental knowledge of business operations. His career aspiration is to become a professional accountant.
  • Marco participated in the PwC STEM Challenge, which is an innovative case competition organized by PricewaterhouseCoopers. The challenge aimed to promote the firm's diversified digital services and demonstrate PwC as a promising platform for STEM talents to develop long-term careers.
Data Analysis
  • During the PwC STEM Challenge, Marco and his team applied their data analysis knowledge and skills to find business solutions. They tackled technology problems related to artificial intelligence in their budget approval system.
Artificial Intelligence
  • Marco's team worked on a topic called "Local Application by Digital Maker" under the Customer Experience category. They integrated AI into the budget approval system, allowing AI screening before human judgment to enhance the approval process.
Business Solutions and Innovation
  • Marco's team focused on coming up with business solutions related to Customer Experience. They designed and developed a budget approval system, streamlining the process and updating information on the firm intranet for better efficiency and colleague awareness.


Lifelong Learning Excellence:
Communication and Presentation Skills
  • Marco highlighted that he deepened his training in leadership skills during the competition. Leading a team, finalizing a workflow in a short time, and pitching ideas in business competitions require effective leadership qualities.
  • While not explicitly mentioned, participating in competitions, collaborating with team members, and making presentations require strong communication skills. Marco's ability to articulate his team's solutions and ideas effectively contributed to their success.
Critical Thinking and Problem-solving
  • Marco and his team faced the challenge of developing a budget approval system despite being accountancy students with limited knowledge of programming languages. Through self-learning and determination, they overcame this obstacle, showcasing their problem-solving abilities.
  • The PwC STEM Challenge had a tight timeline, and Marco mentioned that he and his team had to plan their time effectively to balance academic work and competition tasks. Time management is a valuable skill applicable in all aspects of life.

Inspiring Quotes:

Professional Competences
" I want to be a professional accountant in the future. It is a good step for me to better equip myself for my career."

" My budget approval system can make the approval initializing by the AI screening before the human judgement and update all the information in the firm intranet. "

Lifelong Learner
" We found a lot of online learning material, such as videos, websites, and online courses related to the fundamental programming languages "

" Seek and grab every opportunity proactively! Keep challenging your limit, nothing is impossible. You will know that life is fantastic! "

" The key is not to give up easily and cherish any single chance to improve all soft skills. We can have some reflection regularly to know anything that I can do better next time. "

Thank you
"Dr Sunny Sun and Dr Hazel Lee inspired me a lot in my U-life. They were very kind and supportive and their personal experience and advice were useful for my future pursuit."

" I received loads of support and encouragement from my professors and teachers from the Faculty of Business. "

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