Modern Chinese Poetry Enthusiast


I love writing modern Chinese poetry, and two of my poems, “Wooden Chicken” and “White tape and the Windows” were published in the Voice and Verse Poetry Magazine. I always start a poem and don’t know how to end it, so I have many incomplete poems from my side right now. But I think we don’t have to rush when creating a poem as it takes time. Whenever I am stuck in continuing the writing, I will just leave it and re-read it later. I learnt that “true” or “false” never exists in terms of creativity. I believe that writing from my heart, being sincere, instead of faking something to grab others’ attention is always the truth.


FH students

Ms. HO Hiu Man
BA (Hons) Chinese and Bilingual Studies
Faculty of Humanities

Domain Expertise:

  • Chinese Modern Poetry
  • Cantonese Opera
  • Cultural Heritage

Outstanding Attributes:

  • Professional Competences
  • Global Outlook
  • Effective Communication