Proactive Companion Robot


In our busy lives, we often neglect the needs of those that are not socially active, because we may think they are capable of living by themselves as they do not voice their needs. A research study observed that people who lived alone were 18% more likely to have reported a fall than those who lived with others. This generates demands for systems that can replace human caretakers and assist the elderly at their homes to alleviate these issues whenever they are needed. It is a creative initiative that uses technology to benefit society and thereby improve human life quality and society in general. We developed a robot to serve as a companion for the elderly which can possibly be a communication link with society.


FENG COMP students

Mr. WONG, Leon
Ms. HUANG, Rao Yi
Ms. MUNDE, Anushka

Faculty of Engineering


  • Best Project Award - Champion, Interdepartmental Final Year Projects 2021/2022

Domain Expertise:

  • AI-Human Communication
  • Server-based Chatbot
  • Social Robot
  • Behaviour Recognition
  • Vitals Detection

Outstanding Attributes:

  • Professional Competences
  • Teamwork
  • Global Outlook
  • Innovative Problem-solver