Stress OK


While over 60% of Hong Kong people suffer from poor mental well-being, with 1 in every seven people developing a common mental disorder in their lifetime, it is surprising that the community still does not have enough resources to support the stressed one until one is under severe stress and would like to commit suicide. We formed a team to develop an innovative social solution, ‘Stress OK’, an impactful measure that employs karaoke – audiovisual media to reduce the stress of everyone and eventually improve the mental health of the community. We investigated the possible methods of stress-releasing through street interviews and suggested ‘Stress OK’ as a meaningful and practical measure to deal with a stressed society and bring more smiley faces to the community.


FHSS APSS students

Ms. CHAN Shu Lam, Phoebe
Ms. IP Ping Yan,Ice
Ms. LO Mei Wing, Candy
Ms. WONG Tsz Shan, Maggie

BA (Hons) Social Policy and Social
Faculty of Health and Social Sciences

Domain Expertise:

  • Stress Management
  • Mental Disorder
  • Business Innovation
  • Social Entrepreneurship

Outstanding Attributes:

  • Professional Competence
  • Effective Communication
  • Global Outlook
  • Teamwork