The Clinical Control of Myopia


Myopia is an alarming issue worldwide with an increasing prevalence. The rising prevalence of myopia is putting more people at risk of visual impairment caused by the serious pathologic complications of high myopia. Under the pandemic, face-to-face classes are replaced by online classes. The increased time of using visual display units raises the risk of myopia progression, stressing a lot of parents out. This motivates our team to explore what can be done in the investigation of delaying the myopia progression. Bright light is considered one of the factors related to myopia development but the effect of bright light on myopia control is still uncertain. Therefore, we decided to look into effect of bright light, as well as the combined effect of bright light and myopic defocus, which is an available option for myopia control nowadays, to shed new light on the possible approaches of myopia control.


FHSS SO students

Ms. CHANG Yuet Mei, Kelly
BSc (Hons) Optometry
Faculty of Health and Social Sciences

Domain Expertise:

  • Myopia
  • Myopia control
  • Optometry
  • Statistical tool

Outstanding Attributes:

  • Professional Competences
  • Innovative Problem Solver
  • Lifelong Learner
  • Global Outlook