The Thoughtful DWARFS

Existing education policy in Hong Kong puts most of the ASD (autism spectrum disorder) children in Hong Kong attend ordinary schools. However, the emotional expressions and verbal exposition of ASD children sometimes impose communication and learning barriers to them at school.

In this social-innovation design project, Mr. Jack Man Wai WONG produced a thoughtful educational kit, DWARFS, which combines Emoboard with Emobjects. Each color in DWARFS represents one emotion, such as anger, fear, sorrow, disgust, love, peace, and joy. By combining tactile and auditory treatment, ASD children could learn how to manage their feelings by experiencing how positive emotions overcome the negative ones.

Because product design, as Jack firmly believes, has the power to connect people.


LSGI students

Mr. Jack Man Wai WONG

BA (Hons) in Product Design

Year 4, 2018-2019

Global Outlook
" Digital programming was a new technique that I have mastered during the whole design process. I think programming is one of the essential knowledge and skills to product designer in the future."

Innovative Problem-solver
"The dwarfs were in different colors and represented different emotions, such as anger, fear, sorrow, disgust, love, peace and joy. The autistic students experienced the process of positive emotions overcoming negative emotions and they can learn how to manage their emotions."

Ethical Leader
"I hope DWARFS is a starting point to raise public awareness of SEN students, people can understand them and treat them equally, without any labeling."

Professional Competence
"From the very beginning, we together conduct the research to develop an understanding of the children with ASD (autism spectrum disorder), combine all the scholarly information and my observation to the children, then generate a wide variety of ideas and design the product drafting. List out the design details and then build a real prototype of DWARFS."

Domain Expertise:

  • User interface & experience design
  • Child psychology
  • Emotional intelligence
  • Programming languages