Touching is Touching

Are you familiar with your campus? Sure you do! However, not everyone does. Students at the Ebenezer School & Home for the Visually Impaired had never had a holistic sense of what their school campus is like, albeit they navigate through it by heart every day.

In this social innovation project, a group of LSGI students and instructors have piloted unmanned aerial vehicles to survey and produce a geographically accurate model of the campus of Ebenezer School & Home for the Visually Impaired. Ebenezer's students could now gain a fuller understanding of their home away from home in an unprecedented way - by touching & feeling a meticulously accurate small-scale 3D replica of their school site.


LSGI students

The Team (from left to right):

  • Mr. LAU King Wah Peter
  • Ms. CHUNG Yuen Lam Cherry
  • Mr. CHING Pok Hin Gabbo
  • Mr. CHEUK Yi Fai Samuel


Dr. Matthew PANG, LSGI

Professional Competence - " I am glad that I can innovate and apply new LSGI techniques to bring new experiences to the visually challenged young people. This project also helps me to see and feel the human-side of surveying techniques. " -Gabbo Ching, Year 4, Bachelor of Science in Geomatics.

Innovative Problem-solver - "I want to practice what I have learned from the lectures and, at the same time, bring something meaningful to people and society." -Cherry Chung, Year 4 Bachelor of Science in Geomatics

Teamwork - "We sincerely appreciate all resources & supports provided by the LSGI department, and especially our instructor who guided us to solve technical problems and give us professional advice in model generation. " - Samuel Cheuk, Year 4, Bachelor of Science in Geomatics

Global Outlook - "We can use this UAV survey approach to collect 3D spatial data, which are  essential for smart city development in the future." - Peter Lau, Year 4, Bachelor of Science in Geomatics


Domain Expertise:

  • conducting GPS survey
  • using the UAV method to collect the 3D spatial data of a building
  • using photogrammetry software to generate a 3D model