Transforming the World & Lives

What would you do if you have a superpower? Fighting criminals? Save the endangered species, or teach our young ones?

Like many of you, Ms. Lois Lok Yi CHIU (ENGL) aspires to transform the world and lives. However, she doesn't have any superpower (yet).

All she has is a dream, or more precisely, a goal.

A goal that she could be a teacher to assist students in learning, especially the underprivileged ones and those who have special educational needs. To realize this goal, she must overcome a few obstacles first.


LSGI students

Ms. Lois Lok Yi CHIU

BA (Hons) in English Studies for the Professions & Minor in European Studies

Year 4, 2018-2019

Professional Competence
" I always believe, education is the most powerful tool you can use to change the world."

Life-long Learner
"...remain curious and stay humble when it comes to learning, to be sensitive towards the needs of the society and most importantly, to be courageous enough to dream the impossible dream."
"I always believe, your attitude determines your altitude."

Global Outlook
"International exchange enables me to fully immerse in a foreign culture by interacting with the local people and participating in some local festive activities. All these experiences help to enhance my cultural sensitivity and awareness."


Award Received:

  • Outstanding Student Awards 2018, Faculty of Humanities

Domain Expertise:

  • English language
  • Effective pedagogy for diversifying abilities
  • Communication disorders